A Luncheon Claret

rom the long-tradition of lunchtime claret, 58 Guinneas is made so that it is lighter and more approachable than most of its peers. This was achieved by sourcing grapes from a number of vineyards that were suitable for quick vinification. The tannin has been held at bay, and as such the fruit is allowed to show through. In the old clubs of London it might have been called ‘luncheon claret’, i.e. a glass of claret which could be savoured on its own or with a light lunch.

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That’s why I thought it might make an interesting summer wine given Bordeaux is probably not the first place you would have looked for such a wine. I think this would do well at a barbecue for those that prefer something a little more traditional tasting, which is why I popped it into the Wine Club summer case. All we need now is summer weather and you have all the ingredients you will need for maximum enjoyment.


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