Houston We Have a Problem!

Well actually we don’t, I just wanted something to lead into the story behind the label of the Listening Station Chardonnay. It’s made in Western Australia and during the 1960s and 1970s when the space race between the Americans and the Soviets was in full flow, the Apollo moon landings were relayed back to NASA by the remote listening stations here. The reason the stations were posted here is that the night in this part of Western Australia is very dark and very clear because it is so remote.


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Made by Samantha Bailey, who you may remember from a previous case, these wines really display a clear expression of the grape and are also very much in the style we’ve come to expect from Western Australia and its cooler climate (for those of you familiar with the Weavers range, think Karri Oak).


Western Australia

The wine making in this part of the country is heavily influenced by the water. The Margaret River empties into the southern extremity of the Indian Ocean, and the Frankland River loses itself in the westernmost extent of the Southern Ocean, these great bodies of water help create a cooler and more conducive environment for viticulture.


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