Nosiola? - No, I’d never Heard of it Either!

 have to confess that when this wine was suggested to me by one of our suppliers I had never heard of it or the grape variety from which it takes its name. I was convinced that it was worth trying and when the sample bottle arrived we all loved it and decided it was a perfect choice for the wine club summer case. It’s classically Italian but with a different twist, perfect summer drinking.



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I had heard of the Cavit co-operative and knew it as one of Italy’s most modern and forward-thinking groups. Offering quality, resources and marketing know-how, the co-operative is based in Trentino, a small area of North-east Italy where the classic Italian landscape of vines, hills and olive trees meets the pine trees and snow-capped mountains of the Alps. Cavit’s expertise is in the understanding and development of the many winemaking opportunities presented by this diverse terrain.


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