The Quintessential Summer Red

When it comes to drinking red wine in summer it has to be light with good fruit character as far as I’m concerned. This doesn’t mean that we need to sacrifice complexity, too often lighter styles of wine are considered to be lacking the depth of bigger bolder styles. This is why I turn to ‘cru’ quality Beaujolais, the elegance and layers of flavour are all there but in a very approachable style that you could even consider chilling slightly.


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The summit of Brouilly, the appellation where this wine was made, has also been a place of worship since 1857, when a chapel was built for the protection of the vines from oidium (vine mildew). This wine was crafted from a parcel of these old vines in a single domaine near the summit of this long extinct volcano. The wine was made with the aim of keeping plenty of aromatic young fruit but with a splash of subtle tannins to give greater weight. I think this has enough going on to satisfy seasoned red drinkers with a taste for deeper styles, but retains the delicious summer-evoking approachability warmer weather calls for.



Over 50% of all Gamay vines are planted in Beaujolais and it is the only grape allowed to be used here.

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