So Good She’s Put Her Name On It

I don’t like to get repetitive with the Wine Club cases and I always try my hardest to ensure that you don’t get the same things all the time. This is why I buy in one off wines sometimes and get things from wineries and agencies that we don't normally deal with.


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I realise that the inclusion of another wine from Kate Radburnd contradicts this slightly but I think you’ll agree it’s worth it. I’ve chosen her brand new wine which she has simply called ‘Kate Radburnd’ because I wanted a Pinot Noir in the case and it was simply the best New World offering I had tried of late. It’s to her credit that her own name works as a brand for the wine, she deserves that accolade because of the way she has consistently produced great wines. I hope you can forgive me for putting in another one of her wines, The truth is she’s just that good!   


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