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Two Different South African Reds

Shiraz: When young, Shiraz wines tend to have a vivid purplish-black colour. With age the wine become more savoury, food friendly while still long and powerful on the palate

 Bordeaux Blend: A wine made up of 2 of the 5 grape varieties that traditionally go into the reds of Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc , Petite Verdot and Malbec

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    Delightful spicy wild-herb undertones with black pepper and vanilla notes. This elegant wine is well balanced with a beautiful plum colour and a long ... Read More
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I’ve recently talked about the different styles that come out of South Africa, the easy-drinking styles and the more premium. Here’s a chance to compare the two. The first, Wide River Shiraz is a classic example of the more affordable style. Very approachable and soft for a Shiraz, it shows the quality that can be produced at the lower price point. In the UK, we’ve traditionally bought this sort of wine from this country.

The Horse Mountain Michele is an example of the more premium end of the market. Michele is not an obscure grape variety, it’s the wine-makers daughter’s name, the wine itself is a Bordeaux blend that emulates the style of this famous wine producing region whilst imparting a bit of that South African charm. Slightly punchier fruit, with some earthy overtones makes this an exciting and complex wine. I love this style of South African red!


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