Wine from the floating Vineyard!

Ok, so I was as sceptical as the next man when Weavers MD Alan handed me a glass of wine to try and it was from Thailand. I’ve been involved in the wine trade my entire life and it was a new one on me. When I tried the Monsoon Valley range I was really impressed and thought that not only did they stand up to more traditional wines at the same price point, but they’d also hit the nail on the head in terms of food and wine matching.

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I always think that when we look at wines from new countries they must first and foremost be good, but they must also bring some of their own character to the wine. Who wants wines from Thailand if they just taste like wines from Chile (or any other country for that matter!)? With the Monsoon Valley range they’ve clearly tried to make wines tailored to suit the spices in Thai cooking. The label I’ve included in your case is a very good match to lightly spiced dishes. There are also wines in the range that will match more fiery spice, give them a try if you like this one. Don’t just think Thai, they’d be great with any spicy food.         


The grapes are grown at the Hua Hin Vineyard and their success is down to the combination of new and old ideas. It’s a new site with state of the art wine-making equipment and techniques. As with all successful ventures in new plots though it’s the wine-making of Kathrin Puff, with her ’Old World’ experience, that brings the whole thing together. Difficulties created by the tropical climate have been overcome and the rich soil utilised. Ok, so they’re not exactly floating vineyards, they’re little islands created by the canal network, but it sounds good doesn't it!


I know I joke about being sceptical at first, but finding and taking on these wines really sums the Weavers mentality I think: we try everything with no pre-conceptions, and if it’s good, we’re brave enough to take it on. I’m proud of this, and I hope you feel you’re reaping the benefits of this also.  


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