The Beating Heart of Soave

When the word ‘classico’ appears on the label of an Italian wine it means that it is from the heart of the region. This is often a sign of quality, as it will often have the oldest and the best vines available. Ca’Visco is no exception and it really is one of the top producers in the region. Now produced by the Cofflee family, the wine is a standing tribute to the Visco family, former owners of this historic Vineyard were this wine is produced.

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The winery is located in the 16th Century building pictured, also paying homage to the tradition of this region. Behind great traittion, often stand great wine, I think you&rsquo;ll agree that this is the case with Ca&rsquo;Visco Soave Classico, it&rsquo;s a brilliant example of how good Italian whites can be.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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