The Ripasso Story

The Ripasso Story

Our Valpolicella is truly wonderful. Historically, this region has had a reputation of producing some weak reds at entry level prices. Based on this experience some customers do not tend to look further.

Of course with our selection we believe they hit the mark. The key to this wine by Giuseppe Lonardi is in the word ‘Ripasso’.

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Ripasso Explained

When Amarone is made the ripest bunches of grapes are laid out for several months to dry before the being pressed. By this time the grape is half its original size so when they are pressed the juice is intense and rich. Once the Amarone has been made, the wine maker takes the left over skins and mixes this with the light Valpolicella wines. This bit is called Ripasso, repassing the skins through the wine. The result is a red not as full as Amarone and not as light as straight Valpocicella.

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