Hello and welcome to the Weavers Wine Club Summer Case.

This is the first case we’ve had since the price increase, so we’ve pulled out all the stops to show you what a little extra money can get you. I’m really glad that you decided to stay with us, I was not kidding about the sleepless nights. I’m sure it was the right decision though, and I hope, tasting these wines, that you will agree. 

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I’m not going to go on about the reasons behind the increase too much but the truth is that we were starting to feel the pressure as we tried to keep the quality at a high standard. We were having to reject so many good wines because they wouldn't fit into the £95 budget and it was getting silly. The cases that we’ll be sending out from now on will show you that the increase was worth it.

Better quality French wine was one of the things that was beyond our reach before and that has had a heavy influence on this month’s inclusions. As we go forward we will be including better quality wines from all over the world and your continuing membership will ensure you’re part of an exciting and innovative Wine Club. As always, thanks for your support. The Wine Club really is a labour of love for Alan, Mary, Chris and myself, so we really do appreciate being able to continue it, and that would be impossible without you.

I hope you enjoy the case,


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