What Are 'Old Vines?'

What Are 'Old Vines?'

The term Old Vines is something that is bandied around a lot. But what does it mean?

As a rule of thumb it refers to wines made from vines that are 25 years or older. I have come across some vines in Southern France and Spain where the wines are over 100 years old. So what does this mean for the wine?

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Well, as a vine ages, it produces less fruit but the fruit that is produced is richer and has much more power. This is what we found with this new addition to the range from Scotto Cellars in California.

Like Weavers, Scotto are in their 5th generation and look to produce wines that truly reflect the Californian Terrior. This Old Vine Zinfandel comes from Lodi vineyards which are renowned for the quality of it.

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