A Malbec From Chile

A Malbec From Chile

Malbec is a grape that is synonymous with Argentina, and perhaps France. I was surprised therefore when Philip asked me to try a sample bottle he had that was from Chile. There's no reason why to think this neighbouring country would manage to get anything different out of this grape, but I was intrigued all the same. What I discovered was a wine that had all the Characteristics I expected form a Malbec but with a slightly different edge to it.

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I found a nice creamy texture and some chocolate in the finish, something I would normally associate with a Chilean Carménère. There was still that lovely deep flavour and brambly spice to it though, and I thought this would be a great wine to introduce to the Wine Club, fulfilling the remit to introduce new and interesting wines.

Vina Luis Felipe Edward

This is definitely one of Chile's most forward-thinking wineries, hence the decision to try different grape varieties and mix things up a little bit. Luis Felipe Edwards Jr describes how the winery strives for excellence above all else, but I also think there is a part of them that wants to pursue a different track to others, and make their own mark. They have certainly done that with this wine.

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