It's here... finally!

About 18 months ago, Philip and I were putting together the Wine Club selection and were massively disappointed when the wine that we had selected was not available. For those of you that remember, it was the last time we put a red German wine in, the Villa Wolf. This was a last minute substitute, and whilst it is still a cracking wine, we had planned to share the Louis Guntrum Spätburgunder. 

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Well, better late then never! The truth is that the red wines of Germany are quite hard to come by in this country for the simple reason that they do not make an awful lot of it for export. This was exactly the problem when we tried to order so much of it last time. In many ways this sums up the Wine Club that you are a member of, we source niche wines form small producers, something that the multiples just could not do because the volume isn't there. The trouble is sometimes, the volume isn't there for us either! I hope you think this wine worth the wait, it is one of my all time favourite reds!

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