Maçon Villages

Maçon Villages

A brand new edition to our range of white Burgundies, we were all adamant it had to go into a future Wine Club case after it was one of the stars of our portfolio tasting earlier in the year. It has all the class of good white Burgundy but with really bright fruit expression. Generally speaking, Maçons can be a bit hit and miss, some of them owe their price tag solely to the fact that they are from Burgundy. This is the antithesis to the problem that I have with a lot of Burgundies on the market - because this is full of flavour and is reasonably priced!

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'Villages' Explained

You'll no doubt have seen this word on a number of different labels of French wine, no doubt most commonly either Maçon or Côtes de Rhone. Both are large Appellations, which means the grapes can be sourced from a huge number of vineyards and villages. When you see the word 'Villages' on the label, it means that only grapes from the areas regarded as being superior have been used, assuring the consumer of the quality of the wine. 


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