Malbec Revisited

Malbec Revisited

We've put quite a few Malbecs in the Wine Club cases and they have always proved popular with red wine drinkers. With this in mind, when visiting the Weavers vault with some of the attendees of our Wine Club tasting last July, I showed them a bottle of Malbec from Bodega Trivento. They forced me into opening it  (honestly Philip, they forced me!) and it went down an absolute treat.

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Unfortunately, at £45 a bottle, Trivento's Eolo Malbec is a little dear to be included in the Wine Club Selection, so I thought I'd pick it's little brother so we can relive the moment! For those of you that didn't come to the tasting, I hope this anecdote inspires you to attend this year.

Golden Reserve

The second wine of Trivento, the Golden reserve malbec is made form grapes sourced form vineyards of Luján de Cuyo, a place where Malbec flourishes in the fertile soils. Malbec was introduced to this fertile oasis on the middle of the 18th Century by European settlers that realised the potential of the region. The terroir truly is exceptional, and the wine shows this through its deep concentrated fruit character. 

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