Good Old Sussex By The Sea

Good Old Sussex By The Sea

It has taken me sometime to find an English red that not only tastes great but is also reasonably priced. So when Mary plonked a glass of red wine on my desk last year and told me to work out where it was from, I was delighted to find that it came from Sussex.

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Fighting the Climate

We have seen a rise in interest of English wines in the past few years, in particular the popularity of English sparkling wines. English reds, I am afraid, have been a different story. Our wet cool climate really does not lend itself to mainstream grape varieties because they struggle to develop the right fruit and tannin levels that core wine regions enjoy.

This red is made from an interesting blend of two Germanic grapes Dornfelder and Rondo. Both grapes flower late, and the grapes ripen early, a perfect combination for a UK climate. However, the wine style that it produces is very light and soft, almost like a Beaujolais.

I strongly suggest you serve this with lightly flavoured white meats, or, if you are daring, why not chill it down and serve it with fish.

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