Beyond Port

Beyond Port

If I were to natter on about about Port, the famous fortified wine from Portugal, then reference would be made to the grape varieties that are used. One of these grapes, Touriga Nacional, is known as the work horse grape of the Douro, providing the sturdy backbone of Port wine. You may not thank me for putting a bottle of Port in this month's case, however, this wonderfully fruit driven red from Terra D'Alter is made from 100% Touriga Nacional.

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We have touched on wines made my Peter Bright, an Australian working in the Altentejo in Portugal.  He loves to work on grape varieties that express the terrior, and his work with Touriga Nacional is no exception. Peter says, 'Touriga Nacional gives my red wine a special depth with violet and blackberry aromas and a thick palate rich in dense tannins.'

He has sourced the fruit for this wine from three vineyard locations. After vilification, he ages the wine in French oak for 12 months to allow the tannins to soften. The result is this fruit driven wine.

Top 5 Facts about Touriga Nacional

The grapes that are produced are tinny, this means the juice has a high juice to skin contact ratio. This allow the wine-maker to extract lots of colour and tannins out of the wine and makes it ideal for fortification.

It is believed to be a close relation to Cabernet Sauvignon.

There are small plantings in some parts of Australia and the USA.

Touriga Nacional must make up at least 20% of a still wine from the Dao (Northern Portugal).

Philip loves this wine and takes it home regularly .... (Yes this is true, but its also true I could find a fifth fact)

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