Marlborough Pinot Gris

Lake Chalice is one of the few wineries in Marlborough that is still privately and locally owned, which is one of the reasons we love to work with them. It started life in 1989 under the watchful eye of Chris Gambitsis and Phil Binnie, the estate remains true to its founding principles, making quality varietal wines from Grapes grown in Marlborough.

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It was really the Sauvignon Blanc grape that put Marlborough on the wine-making map and indeed the Sauvignon from Lake Chalice does grace our shelves. However, it is the Pinot Gris that we've chosen for this case, because it offers something a little bit different.

As a wine style, I love Pinot Gris. As a grape, it's the star of Alsace and last year you may remember the Villa Wolf Pinot Gris from Germany that I selected, this has become one of our best selling wines at the £10 price point. Though the market for Marlborough Sauvignon continues to thrive, Pinot Gris could be looked on as the new hope from Marlborough should the consumer fall out of love with the distinctive gooseberry fruit character of the Sauvignons. The stony soils of Marlborough make it ideal for Pinot Gris to do well. This distinctive grape has the ability to produce quality whites that display a slightly richer and more spicy character than their European counterparts.

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