An English Wine... From France?!

Ok, so it's not actually an English wine, but when Alan told me that Chase Distillery had produced a wine, I have admit that this was my immediate assumption. You may well be aware of the fact that Chase make a range of interesting vodkas and gins, but I wonder if you know of the Tyrell's crisps connection - William Chase is the man behind this premium brand of crisps.

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The story goes that he was becoming increasingly annoyed at the amount of wastage being created, especially with the amount of smaller potatoes that just weren't suitable for the high standard of crisps produced. Chase returned from a trip to America with the idea that he could make vodka from his potatoes, and so began the Chase Distillery story. You've probably gathered from this that William Chase is not a man that likes to stand still, and a visit it to the South of France one year led to the purchase of a vineyard with the aim of producing wine. Weavers Wine Club members have the privilege of being some of the first to try the inaugural vintage, we were bowled over by it when we tried it, I hope it has the same affect on you.

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