Looking for an alternative?

Looking for an alternative?

I've written before on these page about how it feels as if Marlborough Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio has had its day, as the UK consumer looks for something a bit different. It part this explains the resurgence of Chardonnay, but I also think that it is pushing people towards new and exciting grape varieties, which is no bad thing! I feel that Torrwntés is one of those grape varieties that is really starting to benefit from changing tastes.

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The market seems to reflect this as I see more and more at trade tastings, and it's hard to disagree with his trend. It has an approachability through generous fruit content with a dry character but the floral overtones, not overpowering, just offer something a little bit different.

The producers of Los Haroldos are based in Mendoza and when I tasted their Torrentés, it was exactly the sort of thing that I was looking to show Wine Club members. It is both typical, but also very well made, this typifies what this wonderfully different grape has to offer.

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