Corbieres Uncovered

Corbieres Uncovered

Located in the Western area of Southern France Corbieres is often regarded as wild region with a dramtic mix of mountains and valleys. Historically, this region was often regarded as a region for sourcing cheap and inexpensive wines but with the growth of the New World wines the mass produced vineyards were gradually grubbed up. Thankfully, these days small domains have taken control and put the area back on the wine map.

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Six Generations

Over six generations the families Pauc, Grulet, Bergès and Reverdy have succeeded each other at the head of what has become one the most illustrious names of the Languedoc Roussillon wine industry, the Chateau la Voulte Gasparets.

Today Patrick Reverdy is the current incumbent of his family tradition and with the help of his son Laurent ensures that the wines live up to the Domains traditions. Forever in search of authenticity, Patrick Reverdy, like all the great wine growers, doesn’t have a lot to tell. He’s a craftsman who knows how to listen to nature. To live in harmony with it, respect it and give attention to it, this is the philosophy of this enthusiast who enjoys his isolation in the Corbières hills.

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