Table 4

Table 4

None of the wines on this table are currently in the Weavers list, we're looking to add some new Italian wines and we need your help. Feedback is not just encouraged, it's demanded on these wines! Click on read more to see a list of these products.

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- Maree D'ione Fiano 2012, Abruzzo

- Paololeo Malvasia Bianca 2013, San Donaci

- Triplica, Fiano Falanghinia Greco, 2012, Campania

- Rocca Del Dragone, Falanghina 2013, Campania

- Maree D'ione, Nero D'Avola 2013, Siciliane

- Paololeo Salice Salento 2012, San Donaci

- Paololeo Primitivo 2013, San Donaci

- Rocca Del Dragone Aglianico, 2010, Campania

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