A Wine Inspired By Beef

A Wine Inspired By Beef

I have to admit when we first discovered this wine, and particularity what inspired it, I was amazed at the lengths one man would go to find the perfect wine to go with his meal! As you guys know, I'm a big believer in matching the right wine with the right food, and I know that many of you make good use of our colour coding system and food and wine matching guide - but making the wine from scratch?! That is a whole new level. Yet this is exactly what Hamish MacGowan (pictured) decided to do.

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What Came First, The Steak Or The Wine?

Hamish's love for prime beef, and a red wine accompaniment of course, set him on a course to create a wine that was perfect with steak. Having decided upon Cabernet Sauvigon as the grape (a point on which I do have to agree), he set about finding the right grapes for the rich wine style that he was after. He searched all over Victoria and South Australia to secure the parcels that he wanted for his Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon, a delicious wine that I would suggest you serve with... urgh, beef.

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