Hallmark Grape From River Grandeur

Hallmark Grape From River Grandeur

I make absolutely no apology for including another wine from the Viljoensdrift stable, they are simply stunning wines. There is a lot of fuss in the wine trade at the moment about the favourable exchange rates and the effect it's having on the bargain prices available for South African wines. What I'm more interested in is not that you can now get a non-descript 'cape blend' for a fiver, it's the tremendous quality and depth you get in the £8-£15 price band - it is here that you can find some real value!

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This grape is always a point of interest for people, and it can also be very divisive in terms of its popularity. Created at Stellenbosch University in 1925, it is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (known as hermitage in South africa - hence the name). I think one of the startling things about this grape is that it doesn't show too much of its origin in the flavour of the wine. It truly is a unique creation, showing earthy characteristics that are quite unique. It is this that makes it so divisive, I'll be interested to know how popular it is with your guys, so please use the feedback facility of the website to share you thoughts with me and other Wine Club Members. 

Heritage from 1818

Robertson is home to the Viljoen family whose heritage of winemaking dates back to 1818 when their French Huguenot forefathers first planted vines.

Viljoensdrift is a family owned farm and winery with brothers Fred and Manie Viljoen at the helm. Manie, as viticulturist, manages the vines and fruit, while Fred works his magic in the cellar. In 1998 Fred and Manie opened the cellar door after 30 years of supplying grapes to the local co-op and now they are reaping the benefits of their commitment to, and passion for, wine making.

Besides crafting exquisite wines on the farm, a significant amount of energy goes into their fruit production operation, with apricots and peaches grown mainly for canning purposes.

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