The Tower Of The Left Bank

The Tower Of The Left Bank

Whilst the Raison d'etre of the Wine Club is to push the taste buds, we also like to remind ourselves of the classics and Medoc certainly falls into that category. The Château at La Tour de By was constructed in the mid 1870s, but the history of this producer can be traced back some 100 years prior to this. 'de By' is the region within this famous left bank appellation, but the 'Tour' is all about the superb tower that looks over the vineyard site

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Left Bank Claret

For those of you that don't know, Claret is an English word that refers to the wines of Bordeaux. It is thought that the word itself is a derivative of 'Clairette', a style of wine that can probably best be described as a rosé (although it is very different from anything you would find in the 20th Century), that was very popular in England in the 18th Century. 

the sub-regions of Bordeaux are split into left bank and right bank, referring to the position of the subregion in relation to the rivers Garronne and Dodogne respectively. This is more than a geographical observation however, it also informs us about the style of the wine, dictated by the grape varieties. Wines from the Medoc are fuller in style due to higher proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend. On the right bank they have a heavier focus on Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the wines produced therefore are lighter and softer in style and the most famous sub-regions are Saint-Emillion and Pomerol.  

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