Riding the Wave

In the old days it was really only the die hard wine-buffs who knew that the classic wines of the Loire were made from Sauvignon Blanc. these days it has become a household staple and ingrained into the wine psyche of the nation. I have pondered on this and wondered why.

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Commercially, New Zealand can trace its winemaking heritage back to the '70s. It was a certain 'Cloudy Bay' which put the nation on the winemaking map. In the Noughties customers moved away from the oaked Chardonnay and I think in recent years signs are appearing that Pinot Grigio may be tiring. But the fresh, crisp, gooseberry, and (ironically) kiwi fruit-like style of the Marlborough Sauvignon has captured the nations taste buds, and the success we have had with our Wave Rider has proven just how successful.

So where next with New Zealand Sauvignon? I do not see this style of wine going out of vogue, but we are starting tos see a rise of new and emerging regions such as Gisbourn, Central Otago and Hawkes Bay to name but a few. You will also you will see in the coming months' cases, that New Zealand has much more to offer than Sauvignon Blanc.

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