Pecorino, A Star in the Making

Pecorino is one of Italy's most interesting and increasingly fashionable varieties. This example is from Azienda Agricola Contesa in Abruzzo and it was one of the stand-out wines at our tasting ate the Galleries of Justice in October. The popularity of the wine and the feedback we received (not least from Wine Club Members themselves!) made it an easy decision for the Christmas case.

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The Contesa Estate can be found in the the heart of the Pescara province, which stretches from from the Appennini mountains to the Adriatic sea. It is around the town of Collecorvino, which has been known for its vine cultivation and olive production since before the days of the Roman Empire, that Contesa produce their wine. A strong sense of tradition forms the base on which this stylish and delicious wine thrives.

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