Touraine, Unsung Hero of the Loire

The wine of the Loire Valley continues to thrive in the UK wine market, if anything the success of Marlborough has introduced more people to Sauvignon Blanc's true home as they search for a point of difference and variety. Sancerre is arguably the Loire's most famous Appellation, but there's also Pouilly Fumé with the slightly smoky character, and Touraine - which I've included in this month's case.

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The vineyards of Domaine Francois Roy are are located near the village of Lye, in Berry on the borders of Touraine and Sologne. Jean-Francois (pictured) continues the families wine-making tradition, making superbly crisp whites in Touraine since 1989.


The Loire Valley

 The river Loire is famous for being the longest river in France, but the Loire Valley is also the home of Sauvignon Blanc and a host of other wonderful wines. Almost all the vineyards of the Loire are found along its northern banks, where ripening is hard and character great. Sancerre is the most famous, closely followed by Pouilly Fumé and Touraine. Muscadet and Vouvray are other well known regions, and there's plenty to discover if you look  closley enough. 

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