Is Navarra Ready To Rival Rioja?

Is Navarra Ready To Rival Rioja?

This is a question I constantly hear throughout the wine trade, and my instinctual retort is 'why should it have to?!'. I'm being a little churlish really but I do find myself slightly irritated by the comparisons people feel they need to make. Navarra is one of those regions that over the past 30 years has gone from strength to strength and I've been taking the wines seriously for a number of years, as such I've included them in many of the wine club cases in the past. 

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Principe de Viana has been at the forefront of Navarra's development since it opened its doors in 1983, it is without doubt one of the most highly regarded wineries in the region.

Vineyards are situated in the historically privileged area of the Ribera Baja of Navarra. Viticultural management employs the world’s most modern and contemporary technology aiming for ideal vineyard development. Planting is controlled by GPS and laser marking, while vines are monitored by computers viewing soil humidity sensors, local weather stations and daily plant growth data. It's a great example of how the money has been invested and it is also the reason why I think Navarra is a unique area with true regional expression.

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