The Home Of Premium Chilean Wine

The Home Of Premium Chilean Wine

Of the winery's founded in 19th Centry Chile, Cousiño Macul is only one that can boast to still be owned by the same family. Founded in 1856 in the Maipo Valley, it is now being run by the sixth generation, direct descendants of its founder, Matías Cousiño.  

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This is a relatively new edition to the Weavers range, but I immediately thought of the Wine Club when Mary brought me the sample bottle to try. It really fits the remit of the Weavers Wine Club for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is an unusual grape variety that I assume many of you will not have tried. Secondly it is from one of the world's most premium wine producing regions, yet many people think of Chilean wines as being 'cheap and cheerful'. Hopefully you'll agree that this wine pushes your taste buds.  

Maipo Valley

The Maipo Valley is the centre of the country’s wine industry, wirh a reputation for producing high quality wines over the past 150 years. That's not to say that this is when wine-production began in the Maipo, that was over 4 centuries ago, but thanks to favourable conditions and prodcuers such as Cousino Macul, this region is responsible for the prestige that Chilean wines have coveted throughout the world.

Sauvignon Gris

There is some conjecture as to whether or not this grape precedes Sauvignon Blanc or the other way around, whichever agrument you choose to belive, there is little debate as to the key diffrences between the two. Sauvignon Gris has a slightly pink hue to it, contains more sugar, but unfortuanetly is lower yileding and more fussy than it's namesake. Essentially this means that whilst more interesting wines can be made from Sauvignon Gris, they are harder to come by and cost more money to produce. 

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