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Aligote, The Forgotton Grape of Burgundy

Aligote is known as Burgundy's 'other' white grape variety and is very much the under-dog of Chardonnay. In good vintages the wines can have racy acidity and delicious, almost apply like crispness. Should the vines by planted in the best vineyard locations in Burgundy, then it can produce very elegantly structured dry whites.  Unfortunately when economics play a part, Chardonnay simply fetches higher prices, so commercially Aligote does not have a chance.

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    • Origin
    • France
    • Burgundy
    After Chardonnay, Aligoté is the second white grape variety of Burgundy. Floral, lemony and crisp, this is a brisk and refreshing wine from the Aligo... Read More
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This example of Aligote comes from around the village of Chablis. It tends to be found in the highest and lowest vineyards which allows the fruit to mature early. As a wine style it's great as an aperitif or served with lighter fish-based dishes. If you wish, you could serve it with a splash of Blackcurrant Liqueur and drink it as a still kir, as the Bugundians do.

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