Are You Local?

Are You Local?

As much as possible, we believe in all things local here at Weavers. Obviously our wine offering would be fairly modest if we adopted this approach to our stock holding, so the justification for this wine is that all the grape variates used are indigenous to the area. Villa Raiano is a family run winery that focuses on using the grape varieties Aglianico, Fiano and Greco, sourced from their own organic vineyards. This is very much a local affair.

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Founded in 1996, Villa Raiano built a reputation in Italy for producing small parcels of quality wine, but it was in 2009 when they invested in a state of the art winery that they began to make an impact further afield. Fortunately, the influx of modernity did not hinder their commitment to producing wines from local grape varieties in the traditional style of the region.

The Region

The winery can be found in the tiny town of Irpinia, situated in the region Campania, the home of the Naples. It is situated in the South West of Italy, in the heart of the Southern Apennines. The vineyards are in the small area of Taurasi, from whcih the wine takes its name. The landscape is hilly, and this allows the team at Villa Raiano to find great vineyard sites that suit the different grape varieties and styles of wine they make.   

The Grape

Aglianico is a red grape that is found almost exclusively in Southern Italy, despite being of Greek origin. Greek settlers are thought to have introduced the vines to Italy, and at one time it was used as the main grape variety in Falernian, one of the most popular quality wines of the Roman period. So, despite that fact that these days it is a fairly niche wines that it is not that widely seen in the UK, its rich history has led one wine historian to claim that it probably has the longest consumer history of any grape variety.

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