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Our Old Favourite from Saint-Mont

Our Old Favourite from Saint-Mont

Those of you that have been members of the Wine Club for a while will know what a fan I am of the wines from Producteurs Plaimont in the South-West of France. Besides the wines being absolutely delicious, I love the level of detail into which they go when it comes to the production of their wines, ensuring ultimate control over the final product and continued quality form vintage to vintage. 

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    Light yellow colour with green hints. Ripe bouquet of exotic fruit and grapefruit. Well-balanced, soft and rich on the palate, with notes of quince, p... Read More
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The Plaimont Story

In 1979 in the heart of South West France, a few passionately committed winegrowers, helped by André Dubosc, took up the challenge of endowing their wines once again with the hallmark of their noble heritage. Together these winegrowers founded the Producteurs Plaimont, focusing on the quality and flavour of the grapes rather than on volume.

This is another example of winemakers using local grape varities to great effect, and reviving the reputation of them in the process. You could be forgiven for not having heard of the grape varieties Arrufiac, Gros Manseng or Petit Courbu as they are traditionally used in brandy production. The wine was always an offshoot of distillation and was typically acidic and not that palatable, only really enjoyed by the locals. Plaimont's biggest achievment is the introduction of modern wine-making techniques and equipment to oversome the problems these grape varities present. I think you'll agree that the Chemin Des Pelerin is a great example of this achievemnt. 

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