Pays de l'Aude, A Hidden Corner of France

Pays de l'Aude, A Hidden Corner of France

Far from the traditional heartlands of Pinot Noir production in Burgundy, lies a lesser known appellation who are doing things a bit differently. Whilst those classic Pinots from Central Otago and Burgundy make exceptional use of their cooler climates and longer ripening periods,

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 the guys in Pays de l'Aude have to deal with a less advantageous hot climate in the South of France. It is for this reason that the wine is called ‘Le Fou’ which translates as ‘The Madman’, as it has long been thought only a madman would try to produce the perfect Pinot Noir in the Languedoc.  

Pinot Noir, The Diva Of The Vine

Sometimes referred to as ‘the connoisseur’s grape’, it is a notoriously fussy varietal. It is said that if Cabernet appeals to the head then the enjoyment of Pinot Noir is a much more sensual experience. It stands as testament to its appeal that despite lacking consistency, ambitious wine producers all over the world want to try their hand with this capricious vine.

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