Portugal's Cabernet, Touriga Nacional

Portugal's Cabernet, Touriga Nacional

If you've ever been down to our shop or to one of our tastings then you will no doubt know that I am absolutely mad about the wines and indigenous grape varieties of Portugal. Despite the popularity of the fortified wines of Portugal, the  table wines are very much underrated in UK. This has been a huge mistake as far as I'm concerned, as this wine producing nation has been at the forefront of  

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producing innovative blends of local and international varieties for some time with many of these new styles gaining international recognition.

The Grape

The grape variety used in this wine is called Touriga Nacional and it is one of the Noble Varieties which are allowed in the production of Port. As anybody who has ever drunk Port will know it is a very full bodied and robust style of wine and whilst this isnt quite on the same level it still packs a punch. Its firm body and tight structure is draws comparisons the supple Cabernet Sauvignon wines of both France and the New World. An unusual find of exceptional quality!

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