Discover Jura

Discover Jura

Now we move on to yet another of the lesser known wine producing regions which is quickly making a name for itself as a hotbed of unusual yet high quality wines and innovative wine making. The region of Jura itself is a cool climate growing area situated in France between Burgundy and the Swiss border.

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Whilst it is not necessarily the signature grape of the region Chardonnay is certainly the most widely planted and accounts for 45% of all land under vine. The style of Chardonnay produced here does however reflect the eccentricity of the region with grapes traditionally being picked before reaching what might usually be conisdered optimum ripeness. This helps create a lighter, fresher style of wine and probably stems from practices used to produce the regions stunning sparkling wine Cremant de Jura. 

Trosseau is a red grape variety rarely seen outside of the Jura region and tends to create a wine that is light and fruity but has good depth and balance. This is one of theose rare reds that you can quite easily serve lighly chilled and wouldnt overpower a lighter white meat dish. 


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