New World Rhone

New World Rhone

Alto Los Romeros is a new selection of wines to join our portfolio this year, and judging by Mary's enthusiasm towards them I'm surprised that we have any left to sell.

What struck me about these wines are the grapes that they have been made from, effectively the classic grapes from the Rhone Valley. 

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Alto Los Romeros is a small property nestling in the hills of the Colchagua Valley. Here the warming coastal influences rival that of the Rhone Valley enabling the cultivation of varietals such as Roussane and Carignan. The wines spend 12 month in a combination of French and American oak barrels and the wine making practices used express this on the nose and palate.

Reserve or Reserva

One of the joys of EU regulations is spelling!  Did you know that if you wish to buy a wine of reserve quaility from outside the EU it must be spelt Reserve (note the E). If its spelt with an A this is reserved for the Spanish. 


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