A Slice of Sicily

A Slice of Sicily

Whilst one of the best known regions of Italy, Sicily is also perhaps the least typical. Its proximity to Africa has had a marked effect on the culture of the island as has the influence of the Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Germans, and Spanish. Ask a local and they may well refer to Sicily not as an Italian region but as a continent in its own right! This rugged individuality, tempered with the impact of a myriad of foreign cultural influences has inevitably had an influence on the island's wines.

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The aim of the Miopasso winery is to take grape varieties and styles which are only usually available on the local Italian market and introduce them to a wider audience. Every wine they produce is made exclusively from indigenous Italian varieties but crafted using state of the art techniques and equipment to engage the palates of the international market.

Nero D'Avola

The classic red variety of Sicily, Nero D'Avola has recently gained something of an international following thanks largely to plantings in Australia and California. These wines lack the character of their Sicilian counterparts however as they are rarely made using the 'appassimento' technique. This refers to the drying out of the grapes before crushing which has the effect of concentrating the sugars and reducing the amount of liquid gained from each pressing. The subsequent wines are super concentrated, fragrant and flavoursome whilst not being overpowering.


This variety is grown in the Gela region of the Island and is commonly served alongside classic Sicilian dishes such as caponata and arancini. Fiano grapes require a lot of bright sunlight to achieve optimum ripeness but also perform best in a slightly cooler temperature. The vineyards of Gela are perfect for this as the vines are cooled by coastal breezes.

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