Deliciously Fragrant White

Deliciously Fragrant White

I've selected this wine for the Wine Club because I think it represents a new wave of wines that are beginning to get a bit of following. I definitely get the feeling that people are more adventurous than ever with the wines that they're choosing. For us, this has been born out by the growth in sales of German and English Wines, and also by the success of the Romanian wine that I put into the Wine Club case last month. 

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When I was approached by the importer about taking on the Villiera wines, the Fragrant White stood out to me because it came with the tag line: "Created to satisfy market demand for a lighter, slightly sweet, floral blend". This fitted with the trends that we'd seen, and I was delighted when I tasted the quality of the wine and jumped at the chance to list it.

The Quirk Blend

Villiera Jasmine is a blend of three different grape varieties, and it is this blend that defines the flavour of the wine. The 43% Muscat brings sweetness and the bulk of tropical fruit character; the 33% Riesling gives this wine its body and texture; the 24% Gewürztraminer is what gives this wine it's floral and spicy character. As ever, this is all about highly skilled blending and wine-maker Jeff Grier certainly knows a thing or two about that. A graduate of the famous Stellenbosch University (for the wine geeks amongst you this is the establishment where the 'Pinotage' grape was invented) he has worked at Villiera for over 30 years along with his brother and sister (pictured). 

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