Stunning Wine From Southern France

Stunning Wine From Southern France

You may have heard of the Sichel family in conjunction with Bordeaux rather than the Languedoc-Roussilion, but they acquired Domaine Trillol in 1990 because they were convinced of the potential of the area. They've invested substantially in the site and the hard work has definitely paid off as they combine the rustic charm of Corbieres with the finesse and elegance of Bordeaux. 

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The Trillol Project

One of the key aspects of the 'Trillol project' has been to ensure there is a high enough yield to fulfill demand, it was common for the Sichel's to source juice from other growers in the Languedoc-Roussilion to make their wine. However, from 2011 onwards they have finally managed to reach that level and the wine now comes exclusively from the Trillol Estate. To celebrate this landmark, they renamed the wine to Chateau Trillol. I think you'll agree that this really is some achievement and the wine shows the level of effort involved in its creation with its superb flavour. 

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