Zesty Fruit From Marlborough

Zesty Fruit From Marlborough

New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, especially those from Marlborough, now seem to have a permanent place within the public conciousness as the 'go to' white wine. Therefore it seems amazing to think that around forty years ago there was not a grape being grown in Marlborough! Now it has more wineries and more land under vine than any other area in New Zealand thanks in part to one particular brand. 

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Beyond Cloudy Bay

The reputation of one Cloudy Bay did something remarkable with Sauvignon Blanc and has created a worldwide sensation. Marlborough has since built on that remarkable reputation and admirably diversified its portfolio of small growers and boutique wineries. We're big fans of this offering from Snapper Rock, it delivers exactly what you’d expect from a Marlborough Sauvignon, bursting with gooseberry fruit with some underlying blackcurrant leaf. Truth be told, Cloudy Bay is sold mainly on reputation - wines like Snapper Rock compete on quality and taste at half the price. 

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