Malbec on the March

Malbec on the March

With 20 years under the belt in making wine Mauricio Lorca is certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Malbec. Turning his back on medical school to take up wine making he has worked his way up the ladder making wines at a number of wineries.

His modern approach to wine making went against many of the more traditional options held so he took the decision to set up on his own.

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Mauriccio set up the no frills winery in the Vista Flores in the Uco Valley focusing of planting his vines in high altitude vineyards. His Recolete Malbec offers fresh characteristics and without tasting too hot, which can be the case when the fruit is sourced from the lower, eastern locations of Mendoza.

So why is Malbec so Popular? 

Interestingly in France Malbec is a fussy grape very susceptible to pests and rot making it difficult to cultivate. 100 years or so ago some cuttings made their way over to Argentina where it thrived in the climate of Mendoza. Through word of mouth and the 'grapevine' word got out that there was a some really appealing, great vaule reds great with or without food to be had out or Argentina call 'Malbec'. The US market took hold and the word was out! Today Malbec has become a great crowd pleasing wine and an all round pleasing glass of wine. We have seen this with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio to name a few, which will be the next... I have my eye on a few new grapes so watch this space.

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