The Black Cherry On The Cake

The Black Cherry On The Cake

When it comes to wine the French love nothing more than to divide what is produced into lots of different classifications based on anything from region, sugar ripeness and oak aging to the varieties of grapes grown in the vineyards. Part of the idea behind this is to give some indication as to the quality and style of the wine in the bottle but sadly this can often be misleading.

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This works both ways and it is not unusual to find wines from well respected areas of Bordeaux and Burgundy carrying the prestigious names of the appellation in which the grapes are grown but not living up in terms of quality. Thankfully this wine with the often overlooked Pays d'Oc classification is the other side of that particular coin!

Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh, grassy and herbaceous on the nose with zingy lemon and gooseberry fruit entwining beautifully in support. There is just a hint of minerality but not the same level of dryness that one might expect from the cool climate Sauvingon Blanc made in Bordeaux or the Loire Valley.


Dark Plum fruit and a hint of smokey cassis form a rich palate with soft velvety tannins which cover the entire mouth. This is an extremely versatile food wine which would be afine accompaniment to a range of cheeses and red meats. 

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