Something Fishy In The Clare Valley

Something Fishy In The Clare Valley

I'm sorry, but with Pike's winery producing wines called mullet, it is just too hard for me to refuse the pun! It turns out that Pike is the family name, with Edgar setting the winery up in the mid 80s, and his sons Neil (winemaker) and Andrew (viticulturist) now at the helm.

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The wines are inspired by the range of grape varieties that the Pikes have growing in their Clare Valley vineyards, with each vintage bringing a slightly different combination. Andrew will assess the range of grapes available that year and how he thinks they will develop once fermented. Neil will then make the judgemnet on which grapes to use and in which quantity will produce the best wine. I've tried various vintages and combinations over the years, and I have to say that thier judgement is pretty good, but when I tried this one I was blown away and decided it had to go into the Wine Club case.

Pikes Brewery

The story of the Pike family in Australia starts with Henry Pike, who emmigreated in the 19th Century. Rather than set up a winery, he started brewing beer to get himself started in his new home. In honour of their Great Great Grandfather, Neil and Andrew started production of Pikes beer once again in the 1990s, and it's a small but crucial part of thier portfolio.

Clare Valley

One of the most appelaing aspects of the Clare valley is that it is generally regarded as one of the best viticultural districts in Australia due to the low risk of pest and disease in the vineyards. The low rainfall and low humidity, which typifies this region during the growing season, helps the team at Pikes to maintain a 'very soft' approach when it comes to use of artificial pesticides, rarley needing to resort to them.  


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