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Pecorinio, an Italian Classic

Roxan is located in the heart of Abruzzo, standing guard over the Pescara river valley, on a hill made up of layers of clay, sand and gravel soil. They are exposed to the air of the Gran Sasso and Majella Massifs, mitigated by air from the Adriatic seaside. The village is called Rosciano and was a natural home to the indigenous vines which, today, are cultivated in the 1,000 ha Abruzzo vineyard area.

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    • Origin
    • Italy
    Refreshing and clean with a citrus fruit driven nose and palate. Read More
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The Pecorino that you find in this months case is not a cheese but a fine, characterful, irresistibly fruit-driven white wine from the Abruzzo hills where sheep (pecore) have roamed since time immemorial. A superb food wine which drinks beautifully with fish and fowl, especially game.

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