The Hallmark of Australia

The Hallmark of Australia

We recently held a tasting which focused upon the wines of the Antipodes and I was pleasantly reminded of the immense quality of the wines of Australia.

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If I am honest it is a country that I often overlook when choosing a wine for myself, possibly because lately I have been seeking out gems from the lesser corners of the wine making world. So it was with great pleasure that I was reminded of this lovely wine from a long standing supplier Simon Hackett. Simon is known for utilising small parcels of land with unique terroir to create wines which subtly express the unique nuances of the grape variety and the region.

Old Vine Grenache

The Hallmark Grenache is taken from a small plot of extremely low yielding old vines. The older a vine gets the less fruit it produces, but the grapes which do emerge are far more concentrated and rich in flavour and aroma. Grenache is one of the grape varieties which benefits from being grown on mature vines as it has a great ability to show amazing secondary characteristics of smoke and leather whilst maintaining an uplifting perfumed aroma.

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