Bruno Lafon Trom The Deep South

Bruno Lafon Trom The Deep South

Having been responsible in the past for buying wines form the South of France, I have a great deal of first-hand experience of the diversity available. I mean this not just in terms of interesting flavours and grapes, but also the amount of poor wine that exists. Essentially, the process of sourcing wines in this part of France is arduous and you sometimes have to sift through a lot of bad wine to get to the good stuff. So I give a nod to Bruno and say thank you for making this process a darn sight easier.

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Bruno is actually descended from a famous wine-making family from Burgundy, but growing up in the South of France meant he turned his attention to the wealth of wines available in this part of the country. He began this journey in 1999 and teamed up with François Chamboissier in 2003 to extend their portfolio into the Southern Rhone.

Pinot Noir

This is an incredibly fussy grape which needs the perfect combination of temperature, soil type, weather conditions and skill in the winery if a good wine is going to be made. Thankfully in this instance, Bruno has managed to combine these elements and create a Pinot Noir that shows wonderful aromas of cranberry and raspberry fruits.  Light and soft with a delicate velvety finish.

Picpoul de Pinet

The hipsters grape variety! This is a wine that until recently was completely unknown but its fortunes have transformed dramatically to become a regular on the winelists of trendy bars and restaraunts. Floral and enticing on the nose, exuberantly fresh on the palate, with pear drop fruit, a slightly salty edge and underlying minerality. 

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