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I don't like Chardonnay...

I don't like Chardonnay...

'I don't like Chardonnay, please can I have a bottle of Chablis' is a statement I hear often in the shop. When quizzing the customer further they have often had a bad experience with a heavily oak style of a cheaper Chardonnay which can put people off the grape for life. Basically, Chablis by law has to be made from Chardonnay, and i feel can be classed as the purest expression of this grape variety.


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    • Origin
    • France
    • Burgundy
    • Chablis
    An excellent flinty, mineral and fruity white typical of the Chardonnay grape from Chablis. Read More
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The 4 styles of Chablis

Petit Chablis - This can be the suspect area category. The fruit comes from the soils which lack the stong limstone content elsewhere.

Chablis (In your Case) - This comes from vineyard locations that enable the wine to extract the purest flavours from the soils. Perhaps Burgundy's most important appellation in terms of quality.

Premier Crus - Now you are shopping by vineyard name. Around 40 vineyards have this status and it is all to do with the limestone makeup of the soil and the vineyard elevation.

Grand Cru Chablis - This accounts for less than 3% of Chablis production. The vineyards are located in a single band just above the town of Chablis. There are only seven Grand Crus which have a global reputation, so this of course effects the price

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