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The Finca La Estacada estate resides in the La Mancha region of central Spain (about 40 minutes drive from Madrid). It has strong historical roots and is not only the site of the Roman built road between Segóbriga and Completum (modern-day Alcala de Henares) but was also once owned by Queen Maria Christina, the widow of Ferdinand VII. The modern winery that exists today was built in 2001 and is an idylic marriage between past and present with a focus on producing interesting wines often utilising grape varieties uncommon in the region.

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La Mancha

The world famous Spanish wine producing regions of Rioja, Priorat and Ribera Del Duero are known for producing historic wines under strict conditions and in accordance with robustly enforced legislation with regards grape variety, vineyard practices and ageing. This adherence to established practices has helped to preserve and elevate the wines of these regions but some complain that this attitude hampers innovation and experimentation. 

In La Mancha there is a different attitude towards winemaking with a far looser set of rules leading to a pervading sense of freedom amongst viticulturists. This is in part responsible for La Mancha being the most prolific vineyard area in Spain in terms of production with close to 50% of the nations output taking place here. With these large numbers inevitably comes a large range in quality with vast quantities of simple table wines being produced here on a mass scale. There are however many excellent boutique and family run producers who create delightful innovative wines which represent sensational value when compared to their more illustrious counterparts.

In this months case we have opted for a pair of wines that Finca La Estacada have made with the idea of introducing the capabilities of La Mancha to the world in mind. These playful takes on the French varietals of Viognier and Cabernet Franc take the traditional essence of each grape and and apply the freedom and inquisitive nature of the winemaker, to create wines which are well balanced and fruit driven yet completely unique.

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