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Grûner Veltliner

Grûner Veltliner

This is the most commonly planted grape in Austria and is also found in parts of eastern Europe. If cultivated diligently, first-class wine can be elicited.

The vine is quite robust, but does tend to ripen too early for many of the vineyard climates in northern Europe. It particularly enjoys climates and soils which are slightly damp.

Producing wines not dissmilar to the style of Alsace, Grüner Veltliner is typically dry with hints of spice and peppers, and ages very well.

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    • Origin
    • Austria
    • Weinviertel
    Dry and zippy with a firm body and surprising richness. Aromas of grapefruit are accompanied by the peppery spice that is typical of the grape. Read More
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Key Regions

Austria (Wachau and Vienna).

Flavours and Structure

Identifiably spicy, Grüner Veltliner is full-bodied and also emits sharp flavours like grapefruit. The bouquet is said to be "vegetal".

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